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Random Orbital Polisher Converter is an innovative invention that is fresh introduced to the market in 2017. The converter adopts mechanism of automotive clutch that enable dual rotations of polisher and polishing pad back plate at same time and result in eccentric tracks, which may avoid swirl and dust caused by inerratic rotation of rotary polisher meanwhile deliver adequate strength to the panel. 5-grade Orbit Stroke Length (4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm) realize to convert a traditional rotary polisher to an all-in-one polisher for cutting, waxing, buffing, sealing, and glazing. Also that reduces strict classification requirement for abrasive and polishing compounds. Safe and easy to operate even for a novice technician.


Operating Instructions. After installing the accessory, before testing or use, must be started from the lowest speed to check for good balance and condition. Gradually increase polisher’s speed. Please refer to rotary polisher’s specifications for maximum RPM rating and any other safety requirements. Keep hand and clothing away from working end of the power tool. Be sure that any loose clothing, hair and all jewelry is properly restrained. Disconnect tool from power supply when changing accessories. Ensure that self-fixing and hook accessories are mounted concentrically. Potentially explosive atmospheres can be caused by dust and fumes resulting from buffing or polishing. Always use dust extraction or suppression systems which are suitable for the material being processed. Proceed with caution in unfamiliar surroundings. Do not apply excessive force on tool/accessory or apply “rough” treatment to it. Always work with a firm footing, posture and proper lighting. Ensure that sparks and debris resulting from work do not create a hazard.


Safety Instructions. Carefully read instructions before operating this accessory. It is not to be modified, converted or otherwise altered from the original design. Do not use for anything other than random orbital buffing/polishing applications. This accessory is not intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and is not insulated against contact with electrical power.


ATTENTION: The Converter reaches its optimum performance by working with 1500w RO polisher, and min. requirement for the RO power is 1400w.


Packing List

Random Orbital Polisher Converting Head x 1

M14 Screw for Rotary Polisher x 1

M8 Screw for Ryobi x 1

17mm Open-end Wrench x 2

5” Back Plate x 1

Random Orbital Polisher Converter

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