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Globalwipe is a leading Chinese manufacturer of auto care products supplying to wholesaler, retailer, importer, dealer, and brand builder worldwide.

90% of the products showcased in this website are developed in-house by our own factory such as microfiber towel, wash mitt, foam and microfiber applicator, foam guns for pressure washer and garden hose, round brush for drill or polisher, clay cloth, bar, mitt...etc.

Further aiming to provide one-stop procurement convenience for customer, we outsource the other 10% of the products from merely qualified factories in China that we must have already inspected on site. 

Globalwipe specializes in custom production for that we try to minimize the lowest MOQ (minimum order quantity) requirement to facilitate procurement of small order of each product for client's convenience.


Normally we sell in bulk only rather than retail unless there is extra stock, but shipment cost for small quantity order can kill the profit if you do resell. Bulk order shipped by sea can be very economic, and an order of one full container enable to drag average shipment cost onto the ground to maximize your profit.

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