Tornado Cleaning Gun Series- Engine Bay, Upholstery, Ceiling Cleaning Gun & Tornado Foam Gun

What is it for?

Industrial Standard Professional Tornado Upholstery Cleaning Gun working with neutral wash soap and compressed air to clean all parts of your car thoroughly.

Why is it special?

Universal metal hose realize to clean tough-to-reach area without blind angle that may especially comfort some one with "cleaning obssesive-compulsive symptom"

State-of-art German airmechanics technology generates powerful blowing wind to match adequate foam mist that does not over saturates surfaces

Adjustable dilution ratios to manage amount of foam dispensing enable your wash economically and environment friendly

How to Use?


Fill tank with water and your favorite wash soap as per label's guide
Connect to an air compressor capable of producing a constant air pressure at 60-92 psi. Do not to exceed 110 psi. Stay 2-3 centimeters from the surface to work. Turn the adjustable ring to control the amount of liquid released. Would there be dirt emerging after cleaning by tornado, wipe it with a microfiber towel. Then turn the liquid valve off and use the compressed air to dry the cleaned area.



Use neutral cleaner only (restrict harsh chemicals). Clean the bottle and inner cavity of the metal parts with flowing through water immediately after use.

Snow Foam Lance (Premium & Fine) - High Pressure

What is it for?

Industrial Standard Professional Foam Lance working with liquid soap and any pressure washer less than 5000 psi to create fluffy snow foam covering your car thoroughly.


Why is it special?

State-of-art airmechanics technology generating maximum foamy suds
900 degree circle adjustable dilution ratios to manage your car wash economically and environment friendly
It is not a foam gun but a Foam Cannon actually
No color change of solid plastic parts (UV tested)
Metal parts do not rust or corrode
Standard connector equipped is 1/4", meanwhile most mainstream fitting connectors are available for your choice


How to Use?


Fill tank with water better use warm water
Add your favorite car wash shampoo into the tank as per its Use Suggestion (Full Tank is 1 Liter)
Attach Foam Lance to pressure washer tightly
Adjust top cap to change foam output according your vehicle condition or your mood


PSI: 800 - 4000
GPM: 1.4 - 2.0
Tank Capacity: 1 Liter



Clean with plain water through the pressurized foaming system to purge soap from the internal components to outside and dry with microfiber towel after each use.

Pressure Washer


What is it for?

Deliver high pressure water to clean vehicle, glass, wall, garden, pavement... suitable for home use, mobile detailer, small garage.


Why is it special?

Small, very Small! BUT VERY POWERFUL!
German technology with patented shape design
Machine running controlled by trigger of water gun  
Tempered stainless steel plunger is proved by 800 hours non-stop testing 
Power-off automatically when overload for safe use
Super suction capability of 5L/min when pumping water from bucket
Aluminum pump provides non-stop surging power of pressure

One year guarantee



Certificate: CE/GS, UL(TUV) on Request

Rated Flow: 6 Liter/ Minute

Voltage: 220-240v, or 100-127v

Pump Material: Aluminum

Power: 1400w, 7.5-9 Mpa, or 1600w, 8-12Mp


Accessory List                     WSYw1400        WAGr1600        WHGr1600

Spray Lance                                 ●                         ●                        ●

Gun Holder                                                                                        ●

Input Connector                           ●                         ●                       ●

Output Connector                        ●                         ●                       ●

Input Hose                                    ●                         ●                       ●

Output Hose                                 ●                         ●                       ● 

Water Filter                                   ●                         ●                       ● 

Accessory Holder                                                                             ●

Hose Holder                                                                                      ●

Wheel                                                                       ●                       ●

Foam Bottle                                                                                       ●

*All blanks are optional to be equipped for extra expenses.

Foam Spray  Gun - Garden Hose


What is it for?

Generating super rich foamy suds from liquid soap by just connecting to garden hose to wash your car.


Why is it special?

Patented Design of Mix Head

No pressure washer needed
No color change of solid plastic parts (UV test approved)
Metal parts do not rust or corrode
State-of-art airmechanics technology generating maximum car wash foamy suds
6-level adjustable dilution ratios to manage your car wash economically and environment friendly

Transform into a normal water gun in half second


How to Use?

Bottle capacity of the foam gun is 900ml, referred to which add right amount of washing liquid as per its Dilution Suggestion.
You can either use the foam gun to spray from top of the car to give a full body foam bubbles bath, or work with a wash mitt on another hand to detail wash from small area. No matter which way you like, do remember give your car a shower with clean water first to move way float abrasive dirt before using foam gun. 
Just disconnect the handle from mix head and bottle, you'll find it is an independent water gun that can be used to spray clean water to wash your car.



Don't mix washing detergents.
Clean all the parts with clean water after each use may extend service life.

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