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I am a small dealer, may I resell Globalwipe’s products?

  • When you place order in Globalwipe's online store, we send goods without logo or brand as default. So you are free to resell the goods to anybody. While if you want to use Globalwipe's brand to promote your business or put Globalwipe's logo onto the product in reselling, you have to apply for Marketing Authorization by becoming a distributor in your arena. Please submit your application to

How can I become an Exclusive Distributor of Globalwipe in my country?


May I customize my product?​​

  • For each product, there is requirement of Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to personalize your product. After receiving your request, we will check and revert with proposal.


May I get a sample to test delivered free?​

  • For serious customer, we are more than happy to provide free sample. But to avoid "freebie collector", we have to charge for sample and shipment cost first, then refund the full amount in your future order. Quantity should be not more than 1 pieces of each product for refundable sample order.


What other cost should I pay besides goods for delivering to my door?

  • If the goods are less than 50kg and 1 cubic meter that will be delivered by International Express Couriers like DHL, Fedex, UPS… and you just pay for express shipment cost and possible custom duty (different policies for each country). If the goods are over the amount either in weight or size, the deal is obliged to go through formal export and import process officially. Cost arising includes in that case: custom fee, harbor handling fee, forwarders fee, inland and international shipment fee… You could inform your own forwarder to help arrange picking up goods from our factory and pay related cost to them directly; Or if you don’t have one, we will request our forwarder to manage everything to deliver the goods to your door. The cost is transparent and competitive that you can compare with any other agent.


How long can I receive goods after order paid?

  • Normally it takes 4-20 days delivered by Express Couriers depending on the international logistic season. For example, December is the peak month during the year and shipment time might take longer.

Is there discount if my order is huge?

  • Yes! If you are reseller and order in bulk, please send your order to directly.

What is estimated lead time for producing 5,000 pieces microfber towels, clay bar, foam gun, wash mitt and clay cloth respectively?

Below estimated lead times are for production from scratch not considering existing stock and not including shipment time. That doesn't stand for our factory production capacity. For example, producing 5,000 and 20,000 microfiber towels take same time because both going through same process and time. 

Microfiber towel: 30 days

Clay Bar: 5 days

Foam Gun (High Pressure Snow Foam Lance or Garden Hose Foam Sprayer): 30 days

Wash Mitt: 30 days

Clay Cloth or Clay Mitt: 10 Days


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