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Magic Sponge

What is it for?

Magic Sponge's other name as Nano Foam, Melamine Foam Sponge, Magic Eraser, Compressed sponge... It is widely used in house cleaning, and for auto detailing, it helps clean up your upholstery just like with "magic".


Why is it special?

Globalwipe's Magic Sponge is made of high density, open-cell melamine resin foam, micro fiber of which is thinner than 1/100 of human hair that enable the sponge to dip into any contact surface to clean. It has more cleaning power than microfiber towels. Wherever can't be cleaned by a microfiber or cotton towel, you can try Globalwipe's Magic Sponge. 95% of "uncleanable" marks on your upholstery surface can be removed.
Most of the time people doesn't aware encrusted dirty on upholstery surface. But with a wipe of moisturized Magic Sponge, you'll see obvious difference on the light color surface.
Water! Just with plain water, it works well!
There are 8kg/m3, 10kg/m3, 12kg/m3 and 16kg/m3 options on the market. Heavier per cubic meter stands for higher density and better quality. Globalwipe only produces 12kg and 16kg series with EU imported raw material to guarantee quality of well using.


How to use it?

Do NOT dry use of a Magic Sponge.
Unless the grease is too heavy on surface, you can spray some detergent to save cleaning time. Because the Magic Sponge is super absorbent, it should be discarded after cleaning grease. To avoid waste, you can tear off a small piece to use and cast away.
It is consumable and become smaller gradually.
You can achieve best result as cleaning leather seat but should avoid color-losing area.
Rinse in plain water, squeeze water by putting both hand palms in flat. Do not twist it that will tear the sponge apart.

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