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Polypropylene Garage Tiles 

What is it for?

Why don't upgrade your garage floor with Globalwipe's PP Interlock Tiles to refresh look of your garage or workshop as more professional and of course enhance functions of arena separation, water flow, grease control, easy cleaning, and well organized.  


Why is it special?

Globalwipe's PP Garage Tile is made of Non-recycling polypropylene plastics. Safe for vehicle under 6,025 kg to drive on.
Easy to assemble and uninstall like playing building blocks. Change drawing design at any time you want.
Water and oil proof, anti-UV, anti-harsh chemicals, anti-slippery, cold and hot temperatures safe.
Up to 9 years using life according to live trail and continues.
2 years quality warranty.


How to Use?

Before procurement, measure your garage and draft floor design with 3-4 colors on paper as you want. Calculate how many pieces of each color and place your order with us.Don't forget involving edge and corner parts.
Installation. Had you played toy building blocks when you were a kid? If not, you can try it now.



Spray with water gun with or without pressure to clean.



Size: 405mmx405mmx20mm

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