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What is it for?

Globalwipe's Boar's Hair Detail Brush is a set of versatile brushes designed for both interior and exterior detailing of automobile. 3 sizes brush heads fulfill all your needs with detail brushes to clean a car.


Why is it special?

No Curl! No Curl! No Curl! The Brush is made with 100% natural boar's hair bristles and durable plastic stick. The boar's hair is renowned for its soft touch on sensitive surfaces, and tough durability to last for years of heavy cleaning use. The plastic handle and ferrule are lightweight, chemical resistant, and scratch-resistant. Choosing the suitable size of the Boar's Hair Detail Brush to clean and detail interior parts such as AC vents, cupholders, seat cracks, and leather, and exterior parts like emblems, grilles, lug nuts, wheel and rim crevices and seams, brake calipers, and all over engine bays.


How to Use?

Spray your favorite cleaner or degreaser on the dirty parts and into the brush bristles, then agitate the dirt, grease, and grime out from the surface with the soft hair bristles. The gentle scrubbing action suds up the cleaner, knocks dirt and debris loose from the surface, then suspends it up in the foam where it is easily rinsed or wiped away. The compact design easily fits into tight cracks and crevices.

Boar's Hair Brush Set (3x)

  • Goods will be shipped from Globalwipe's factory in China to buyer's address through International Air Express Courier (UPS/DHL/FEDEX/EMS/DPEX...) normally takes min.4 - max.20 days depending on the season. Cost of the shipment charged seperately according to weight and dimension of the goods.

    If you have an "International Consignee Account Number" from Express Courier or your own Cargo Agent (forwarder) who can help arrange pick-up from China. Please email us at to place your order.

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