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Why is it special?

Globalwipe's DA Polisher features powerful polishing capability with user-friendly ergonomic design of comfort, strength, and durability.
THREE-HOLDING POSITION, TWO WAYS POLISHING. There are three handles for two ways uses (vertical and horizontal) with two-handed holding. Rubber coated cover of head handle provides the detailer maximum control and safe holding from slip.
SPEED REGULATION. 6-level adjustable speed dials allow the detailer to control the speed of the polisher even when the tool is operating.
TRIGGER LOCK. The trigger lock on the left side of the handle can be depressed to lock the machine in motion that allows the polisher to run without continuously depressing the throttle lever that may free one hand in horizontal operation.




21mm/15mmOrbit Stroke Length

150mm/125mm Backing Plate

220-240V~ 50/60Hz (CE)

100-127V~ 50/60Hz (UL/JP)


1650-4800 RPM

Dual-Action Polisher

  • Goods will be shipped from Globalwipe's factory in China to buyer's address through International Air Express Courier (UPS/DHL/FEDEX/EMS/DPEX...) normally takes min.4 - max.20 days depending on the season. Cost of the shipment charged seperately according to weight and dimension of the goods.

    If you have an "International Consignee Account Number" from Express Courier or your own Cargo Agent (forwarder) who can help arrange pick-up from China. Please email us at to place your order.

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