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What is it for?

Globalwipe's Synthetic Wool Wash Mitt is the substitution of genuine wool wash mitt for zoophilist or economy wise guys. Its coat safe synthetic wool lifts and traps dirt and grime without scratching or swirling paint, glass, metal, or optical plastic.


Why is it special?

Immense holding capacity of water, soap and subs enable your wash thoroughly lubricant and free from scratching.
Long and thick hair traps dirt and debris gently
Versatile uses to cleaning interior and exterior under both wet or dry conditions.
High quality cuff elastics is just comfortable to wear on meanwhile avoid drop after dunking in water.
Super soft, totally lint free, and clear coat safe.


How to Use?

Rinse your auto with clean water. Dunk Wash Mitt into washing soaps entirely then start to wipe exterior panels. Or apply it directly after foam bath. Use it to dust exterior or interior panels under dry conditions.



Just rinse in clean plain water or throw in a wash machine. Dry it naturally or with low heat.

Wash Mitt - SWL

  • Goods will be shipped from Globalwipe's factory in China to buyer's address through International Air Express Courier (UPS/DHL/FEDEX/EMS/DPEX...) normally takes min.4 - max.20 days depending on the season. Cost of the shipment charged seperately according to weight and dimension of the goods.

    If you have an "International Consignee Account Number" from Express Courier or your own Cargo Agent (forwarder) who can help arrange pick-up from China. Please email us at to place your order.

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