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What is it for?

Apply any wax, cleaner polish, sealant, glazes or dressings in cream, paste or spray onto surface of car, truck, motorbike.


Why is it special?

Globalwipe is manufacturer and knows well the difference of good and bad quality microfiber, for this applicator, we select the best microfiber fabric- Industrial standard short nap microfiber that carries just proper amount of sealant or wax to make the longest wipe on surface of paint, plastic, metal or leather.
See no edge because of double-stitching process removes risk of scratch.
Resilient and durable foam inside delivers right proper pressure to spread a thin coat on any surface.
The foam doesn't saturate to waste dressings that is only kept on microfiber surface.


How to use?

Apply few drops or thin lines of sealant or wax onto applicator's surface, then apply to the target surface of your vehicle by moving back and forth or clockwise until the dressings is spread uniformly.
Apply to target surface directly when use spray dressing, then wipe applicator in the spray area.



The wax applicator is washable for re-use. But if you find the surface becomes hard after applied crystallographic dressings like ceramic coating, just throw the applicator away without hesitation because that will scratch paint surface with no doubt.

Cubic Microfiber Wax Applicator- 100pcs/ Pack

  • Goods will be shipped from Globalwipe's factory in China to buyer's address through International Air Express Courier (UPS/DHL/FEDEX/EMS/DPEX...) normally takes min.4 - max.20 days depending on the season. Cost of the shipment charged seperately according to weight and dimension of the goods.

    If you have an "International Consignee Account Number" from Express Courier or your own Cargo Agent (forwarder) who can help arrange pick-up from China. Please email us at to place your order.

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