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Clean car upholstery by using foam pad and wearing nitrile glove


Globalwipe is a leading Chinese manufacturer of professional automotive detailing accessories and tools supplying to wholesaler, retailer, distributor, and specializing in OEM production for international brand builders with track-record outstanding qualities both in products and services.

75% of the products showcased in this website are developed in-house by our own factories such as electric polisher, microfiber towel, wash mitt, foam guns, drill power brush, clay cloth, bar, mitt...etc.

Further aiming to provide one-stop procurement convenience for our customer, we outsource the other 25% products from merely qualified factories in China that we must have already inspected on site. 

Globalwipe's Online Store is for retailing, if you want to buy in bulk, customize the products in your own design, or become a distributor of Globalwipe's products in your arena, please contact us directly.


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